A Slice of the Situation

A public education in Tanzania is, on principle, free. Public schools are government funded and should therefore not require any fees from the students. However, the government merely provides for the very basic provisions, namely teacher salaries and a roof. A grant of 10’000 Tanzanian Shillings (about $5) is in theory given for each student, but budget cuts and constraints mean this full grant is rare.

Because of this, the community becomes responsible for almost everything in the school – the building, the furniture and any operational costs incurred. Naturally this cost falls to the parents. A contribution is required by each student to continue their studies, and it is common for parents to have their child drop out of school, simply because they cannot afford to make this contribution.

We see this situation all to often – a parent cannot afford to pay for their child’s school fees, and so the child is prevented from receiving what we see as so incredibly basic – a primary education.

Our children here in EEF were in this situation. Their caregivers were struggling to pay these fees, and many even had a leftover balance from last year which they owed to the school.

Thanks to generous donations from our local and international sponsors, we have paid the school fees of nearly 70 hard-working and committed children, all of whom were all to close to foregoing a basic education.

However, we are continuously expanding and our need for sponsors has never been greater. So, what does it mean to become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor means making a commitment to an EEF child, that you will fund his or her schooling for however many school years. 


EEF counts on sponsors, donors, and volunteers to fund and implement its programs. On behalf of EEF and our children we thank you for your support.


 Here are ways you can help.



Sponsorship of a child is the backbone of EEF.

Primary School sponsorship includes all required school and exam fees, meals at school, uniforms, backpacks and other school supplies, and basic health insurance.

Secondary School sponsorship includes all of the items in the primary school sponsorship at higher cost as well as remedial classes and tutoring.

Primary School – $175 per year

 Secondary School – $450 per year

Having a personal relationship with a sponsor is very encouraging to the student.

Sponsors receive periodic updates on how the child is doing academically, as well as letters and pictures from the child.

Sponsorships, however, cover only part of EEF‘s costs. We rely on your continued generosity to maintain our current programs and meet the need for additional programs to help the children and their families.



Many of our sponsored students go to school with an empty stomach because families can’t afford to have more than one meal a day.  When able, EEF distributes food to the families of its sponsored children. These food deliveries provide nutritious proteins, fruit, and vegetables to supplement a mainstay diet of beans and ugali, a corn based porridge that is a staple in Tanzania.  This food allows students to go to school ready to concentrate on their daily studies and succeed during the day while keeping them healthy and happy.



We run women empowerment groups to encourage self-sufficiency for the caregivers, most of whom are widowed or single  parent women. EEF manages a very successful entrepreneurship project teaching women sewing and jewelry making skills. The aprons, tote bags, place mats, bracelets and earrings that they create are sold and the profits shared among the women. Their goal is to receive a micro-loan and become an official business. Not only is this economically beneficial to the woman but it also gives them a sense of community within the community. They can therefore provide for their children and help them to grow and prosper.



 As part of a new Parenting Skills Program, EEF holds classes for the students’ caregivers three times a year. At these sessions the caregivers learn how to encourage the students in their studies and help them develop self-sufficiency and confidence. While also informing them on key nutritional needs of their children to grow into thriving young adults.



 The Special Projects Fund enables EEF to take the children on field trips to broaden their experience and learn about their environment. At the annual “Family Day”, the children and their caregivers get together for sports activities and socializing.  Recognizing the benefit of being part of a community, EEF encourages its students to participate in general community events. We annually take part in the Kilimanjaro Marathon and do EEF student visitations to local orphanages teaching the children to give back in their communities.


 How to Sponsor or Donate

We believe that no amount is too small. Donations and sponsorships can be made by clicking the donation button in the sidebar or by contacting us at info@eeftanzania.org. We welcome any questions or queries you may have about your donation or sponsorship. We at EEF and on behalf of the children thank you for your amazing support.

  • Primary School Sponsor        ️ $175 per year


  • Secondary School Sponsor         $420 per year


  • Food for Families     $100 ️$75   ️$50   ️other


  • Women’s Empowerment  $100 ️$75   ️$50   ️other


  • Parenting Skills  $100 ️$75   ️$50   ️other


  • Special Projects   $100 ️$75   ️$50   ️other


Why should I become a sponsor?

Becoming an EEF sponsor gives you a real unique opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Our sponsors receive continuous updates from us on the progress of their child, both academically and personally, and we see sponsors develop a real love for their EEF child. As a sponsor, you can enjoy a clear breakdown of where and how your money is being spent, and the impact that money has on the child and their family. Finally, becoming a sponsor means becoming a part of the EEF family, and becoming a part of something really special.

If you would like more information, or are interested in sponsoring a child, contact us at info@eeftanzania.org.

A word from a Sponsor

Nasma and Najma
Nasma and Najma

“Nasma and Najma are twin sisters with beautiful, shy smiles and a quiet confidence. I met them when I was an EEF volunteer last year, and I knew right away that I would be their sponsor. I wanted to be sure that neither twin was left behind.

When I met Nasma and Najma they lived with their elderly grandmother in a tiny, one-room, mud-walled house. I’m told that for unknown reasons they are now moved from house to house to live with other relatives. Despite this, the girls maintain good grades in school.

Nasma and Najma’s precarious home life is in stark contrast to the comfort and security that my family and I enjoy. How could we not share with others? By helping Nasma and Najma become educated, healthy and informed, I know the benefits will multiply as they in turn give back to their community.”

Jill Holroyd, Toronto, Canada