Moshi Primary School


Moshi Primary School Students Monica, Christina, Careen, Shamim and Rehema


Aziza Ismail


Christina Alfred Lyimo

Christina is 11 years old and is in class 6 at Moshi Primary School. She lives with her mother and her older sister. Christina’s father passed away when she was just a baby. Her mother is her primary caregiver and sells vegetables on the street to provide for her children, but she often fails to sell enough food to be able to provide school supplies and uniforms for the kids. When Christina grows up she wants to be a doctor.



Dora Mmari

Izaac John

Michael Boniphace

Monica Honorati


Monica is 11 years old, and is in class 5 at Moshi Primary School. She lives with her mother, who is suffering from several health issues. Monica’s father left with her two brothers some years ago, and has never supported Monica or her mother financially. Because Monica’s mother is chronically ill, it is hard for her to financially provide for her children. Monica is a dedicated student and dreams of becoming a Deacon of the church when she becomes older.





Sinyorita Vedasto Kessy

Sinyorita is 12 years old and is in class 7 at Moshi Primary School. She had been living with her grandmother, but she recently became ill and is no longer able to care fore Sinyorita. Recently, Sinyorita moved in with her mother. Her mother is not working and is not able to provide basic necessities for herself or her children. Sinyorita is a very bright young lady and dreams of becoming a doctor when she gets older.




Theresa John