Family means nobody is left behind

In EEF, we instil in our children that we are a family. All sixty children are brothers and sisters, and we look after each other as a family. One of the underlying principles of our organisation is support, and the support does not just come from us, and not just from our sponsors – the children support each other.

And so, once a year every year we hold ‘Family Day’! Family Day is a chance forĀ all of our children to spend time together in a fun and relaxed environment outside the classroom.

The boys stay in the tents, and the girls share a room, and we spend a day together as a family, singing songs, playing games and enjoying a meal together. The Family day is a real success amongst the children and allows them to make new friends from different schools, different areas and different ages. The day amplifies their sense of community and family within EEF and we at EEF and our children love this day.