We can always find a way to give

EEF kids with the young children of Neema Orphanage in Machame

In June, we took our children to the Neema Orphanage Centre, Machame, where orphans from ages 1 to 4 are taken care of.

The purpose of the visit was to allow to children to see and understand the challenges which many children in Tanzania are facing, and to understand the social issues in their country. On top of this, we instil upon our kids how important giving back to the community is.

It was an emotional experience for all of us, and a real eye-opener for a children. Many had no idea that children so young could be neglected or abandoned. They shared their time and love with the orphans, and we are so proud of our kids. Many even promised that one day they will help this inspiring organisation in some way.

No matter how little we have, we can always find a way to give.