Korongoni Secondary School Student Profiles

Prisca Herman Ndatora
Prisca is 12 years old and is in class 7 at Magereza Primary School. She lives with her aunt and uncle who have taken care of her since she was five years old.

Prisca’s aunt and uncle have 6 children of their own, two of which are still young, while the rest are older and all attending school. Prisca dreams of becoming a teacher when she grows up.

Rahel James Massawe
Rahel is 14 years old and is in class 7 at Magereza Primary School. She is currently living with her grandmother and grandfather. Rahel has several siblings, but she is not sure where they are currently living. Rahel’s grandfather provides the main source of income for the family as a day laborer, but he does not make enough money to pay school fees or provide uniforms for Rahel. She dreams of one day becoming a teacher.

Philippina Benedict Okama

Date of Birth: April 4. 2004

School: Magereza Primary

Class: Standart 6

Family: Lives with Grandparents and sister. Father is deceased and Mother has left a long time ago.

Challenges: Grandparents can’t pay school fees and school supply. She only gets one meal a day.  

Eveline Joseph
Eveline is 14 years old and is in Form 1 of Korongoni Secondary School. Her mother passed away during childbirth and her father passed away shortly after by drowning. Eveline currently lives with her aunt and her cousins. She has two siblings, but does not live with them as her aunt is unable to support that many children. When Eveline grows up, she wants to become a nun.

Fredrick Otaru
Fredrick is 15 years old and is in Form 1 at Korongoni Secondary School. He lives with his grandparents, who he has lived with his whole life. When Fredrick was a baby, his father passed away and his mother left the family and has since remarried. His grandparents do not have a stable form of income and have therefore had trouble consistently paying for his school fees. Fredrick aspires to become a doctor.

Irene is a 15 years old girl. She is currently in form 1 at Korongoni Secondary School. Her birthday is on the 21th of August  2002.

She’s living with her grandparents because her father passed away when she was young. Besides her mother has remarried and is no longer supporting or contacting her. Her grandmother is 56 years old while her grandfather is 61 years old. Both of them are suffering from bad blood pressure. She is the only child in the household. The grandparents possess their own land. Because they don’t earn enough money they had to sell half of the land to a rich man. They use the rest of the land to farm but when the harvest is weak, food is sparse. The family is currently living on the back of the house of the rich man. There is no electricity and room to study.

They live from the money they got from the rich man when they sold half of the property to him. They only take crude breakfast and dinner, consisting of ugali (maze flour porridge) with beans and sometimes rice. After school Irene has to help her grandparents washing dishes and cleaning the house, after that she can study.

Irene likes to play netball and her favorite subjects are Maths, Chemistry and Biology. When she gets older he wants to become a accountant


Isaac lives with his grandmother and his father who is mentally ill, The mother abandoned Isack and the father when he was young because  she could no  longer deal with his fathers illness, she took two of their three children with her to Tanga  and Isaac remained with the father, Father was a policeman but his  mental instability got in the way of his work, He  still receives a pension from the  government and uses it to support both his mother,Isaac  and the two children who lives in Tanga.

Isaac wants to be a police officer when his growing up.

Isaac has difficulty paying school fees cause the fathers government pension is not enough to support both Isaac and the children in Tanga.Isaac is extremely motivated and has big dreams of a successful and happy life but has some learning difficulties