Who we Are?

Who we Are?

Short History

    Excel Education Foundation was founded in 2013 by Sara Mponzi and Fatuma Kimaro.  Sara and Fatuma are native Tanzanians who saw a need in their community and decided to do something about it. Many children are being raised without one or both parents and consequently lack familial resources, care, educational support and proper nutrition. They have no electricity at home. Some have no running water.
    Children who are unable to pay for School fees are not able to take the examinations and make further their education. Scarce resources, lack of income, limited education of parents and illness all contribute to the need for support.
    EEF began with just twelve primary school students, providing them with a school uniform and supplies, and paying their school fees. Since then, the organization has expanded, and Currently provides up to 107 children in Moshi with a pathway to public education, both primary School, Secondary School, High School and University. Since then we have added a basic Health insurance to our Sponsorship program

What we do

The work of EEF goes beyond mere financial support. We provide our students with the familial structure and emotional support, which they usually lack at home. The children get a real sense of community and family at EEF through EEF group activities like the annual KiliMarathon, that all our children took part in as a group. We broaden their horizons and open their minds to career possibilities and opportunities that the gift of an education can give them. We also take our children on educational tours to further their personal growth. Our tours fall into two categories – career opportunities, and community development. We strive to give every child a level playing ground when it comes to their childhood and we continually strive to achieve this goal.

Sara Mponzi  and  Mama Fatuma

Co - founders

Sara Mponzi and Mama Fatuma

Women Empowerment
We also have started a woman empowerment group in the area, which is welcome to all woman, regardless of age in the community. These woman learn essential and new skills that can help them in providing for their children, while giving them a sense of community and meeting place to talk, discuss and grow. As the african proverb goes “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” These woman learn the meaning of this and share their skills, discuss problems and are paramount to the development and education of their children.

Vision Statement

Every Child has the opportunity to achieve his/her fullest  potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life.

Mission Statement

To establish and sustain programs which support education to orphans and vulnerable children and impoverished families through establishing a fund and income generating activities by networking and collaborating with local and international partners, community and local government organizations.


Short Term Goals

  • Secure current sponsors to continue to sponsor the same child throughout their education.
  • Set up peer tutoring group for each school, to encourage communication and support in understanding educational lessons
  • To support 100 primary school students and 20 secondary school students for the 2018 school year
  • Establish and sustain health and nutritional program to benefit the children
  • To provide educational experiences, such as tours and activities, for our students to participate in the community to encourage being responsible for others and involved with practical applications of these character traits.

Long Term Goals

Expand to serve more students (200 children by the year 2020)

Broaden marketing

  • Recruit New Sponsors and Partnerships
  • Create and sustain international and local partnerships


    • Buy a vehicle to aid in transportation of students